Award Winning Vegan Cuisine

Now in California, All Savory is bringing Central Asia's #1 vegan restaurant Luna Blanca's menu that has been serving its award winning Vegan Cuisine since 2008.

Fresh & Wholesome Cuisine

Fresh, wholesome East Asian, European and South Asian, & North American dishes with the highest quality grains, proteins, and seasonal ingredients for lunch, dinner and late night dinner orders.

Meal Plans available for the Glendale, Pasadena and Eagle Rock areas.

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Delicious Vegan Meals

Our restaurant in Mongolia is in the top 10% of the World's most preferred restaurants (TripAdvisor).

Child friendly menu items

We offer freshly cooked nutritious and healthy cream soups, salads and gluten free options for the main courses


We are able to accommodate special requests including substitution of ingredients, side orders.

Meal Plans, , Sit-down dining, Pickup and Takeaway

We offer meal plans to the Pasadena, Glendale and Eagle Rock areas.

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We are different...

Why is All Savory so Popular?

We observe with happiness that everyday there are more and more Vegan Options for home and office delivery. So then, why choose All Savory?

  • Award Winning
    Award Winning
    Since 2008. As Central Asia's Premier Vegan Restaurant, we have been featured in a number of Korean, German, Japanese, Mongolian, French and US magazines and TV shows.
  • International Cuisine
    International Cuisine
    We offer a varied and well-tested menu featuring European, East Asian, South Asian and North American cuisine.
  • Guaranteed 100% plant based
    Guaranteed 100% plant based
    We, the owners, provide 100% guarantee that all our menu items are totally free from animal products: each and every single ingredient.
  • Women Owned and Truly Committed
    Women Owned and Truly Committed
    We are committed to the environment and compassion for all humans and animals alike. Our packaging is 100% bio-degradable and we do our best to source locally.

Featured Cuisine

East Asian

Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean

Western Favourites

Burgers, USA, Hungarian,
Pasta and more

South Asian

Recipes learned during the years we studied in India.


Different Smoothies to choose from.
Fresh fruits, plant based milk.

Why All Savory?
natural ingredients

Our all savory, all vegan, all Asian women owned business started in Asia in 2008 as Luna Blanca Restaurant. Winning a number of international recognitions, featured on BBC, KBS, and the French weekly L’express etc., we are highly regarded as being driven by a mission of Compassion and respect for our Mother Earth.

  • Savory, Tasty, Yummy!
  • Bio-Degradable/Eco- Packaging
  • Fresh Cooking
  • International, varied menu
  • Child friendly menu items

Now in Los Angeles! Serving Glendale, Eagle Rock, Pasadena and surrounding areas.


Reviews of our Luna Blanca (Mongolia) and All Savory (Los Angeles)

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